Mudra Arts Center: The Right Choice

Mudra Arts Center operates year-round, offering music and dance classes not only during the traditional school year, but also through the summer months. Classes are offered on a seasonal semester (3 months) basis.

Fees are based upon the program in which the student is enrolled; starting at $180 per semester (3 months)*. We encourage prospective students to compare Mudra Arts Center, and the extra value we provide, to other area schools:

  At Mudra Others
Annual registration fee $40 $75+
Annual classes (Sep - May) 33 less than 30
Free wifi for parents at waiting rooms Yes No
Complementary snacks and drinks Yes No
Discounts for multiple-class enrollment Yes No
Discounts for sibling enrollment Yes No
Coupons and promotions Yes No
Average class size 4 to 6 10 to 15
Free Indian cultural and devotional classes Yes No
Flexible weekday and weekend schedules Yes Weekend only
Summer semester and private classes Yes No
Certifications and Scholarships Yes No

The philosophy of Mudra Arts Center is:

Lower Fees and More Services


Other Locations:

Burke, Virginia
South Riding, Virginia
Brambleton, Virginia
More locations are coming soon

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* No refunds given for registration and semester fees